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In vitro Neuropharmacological Research Unit


Investigation of mu-opioid receptor associated mechanisms at the molecular, cellular and network level in acute nociceptive and maintained inflammatory states.

Puskár Z, Rónai AZ, Kozsurek M, Lukácsi E, Gyimesi K, Király K, Szentirmay A


 Faculty of Biomedical & Life Sciences

Neuroscience & Molecular Pharmacology

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Zita Puskar as Travelling Research Fellow supported by The Wellcome Trust



Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation: Hungarian-British Bilateral Project

Investigation of the chemical and ultrastructural properties of the caudal spinal cord.

Rethelyi M, Maxwell DJ, Puskar Z, Gerber G, Boros Cs


Institute of Experimental Medicine of the

Hngarian Academy of Sciences


Laboratory of Integrative Neuroendocrinology

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The role of the cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript peptide (CART) in modulation

of pain processing.

Puskar Z, Fekete Cs, Kozsurek M, Wittmann G




Neuropathy after limb-legthening: morfological and functional changes in spinal ganglia and the spinal dorsal horn in rabbits.

Puskar Z, Szoke Gyorgy, Pap K, Domos Gy, Kozsurek M



School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Department of Surgery and Cancer

Anaesthetics, Pain Medicine and Intensive Care Section

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